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Download SMEBS Demo

Download SMEBS Demo

The System is an intelligent front end application for any advanced database server like Oracle (Ver. 8 to 10g), SQL Server, and Microsoft Access depend upon the requirement of the user.


Incubated By TBI National Institute of Technology Management Support from IIMK

SMEBS SERVERSMEBS is a Server Machine integrated with ERP software which conceives a new approach in software methodol ogy and software r euse technology that promotes the reuse of an applic ation on all accessible network environments and the software framework is designed to be easily instanti ated from ERP application hosted in the server machine.

The application is first time in its kind in terms of its technical potential as an enterprise resource planning software and latest online utility. It eliminate the cost of setting up complicated network environments for local and remote access of the application there by Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) will be reduced to 50% besides the benefit that the owner will be very much contented in controlling his company by sitting at any corner of the world

Besides providing all the standard utilities of Enterprise Resource Planning software, SMEBS offers easier and more perfect remote access.  Only the sever part of the software is installed in a server machine.  The end user will be able to access all the features of the ERP on any network environment without the need of installing a client part of the application.

The end user can also access all the features of the application through internet from any part of the world with the same look and feel of the desktop application.

Any web based application gives limited features depend upon the capability of the web browser. Each addition/modification is a time consuming process in the web application. SMEBS prevails over all this situations and greatly improves the experience of executing the application.


The system can be remotely supported in the client’s server. Hence no need of walking to the client’s location which will considerably reduce the cost of support


No need of installing client part of software and configuring any user system to access the ERP. Thereby user can use any machine with a connection to the server to manage the business from anywhere in the world with high security.


SMEBS extends the support to access the application on windows mobile devices and mobile phones so that to update customer orders from the customer’s location itself and other mobile utilities.


SMEBS (Shanshin Middle East Business Solution) is an integrated enterprise resource planning software from Shanshin Softech, serving both the domestic and international sectors to help the companies of any size for achieving their defined business goals effectively.


SMEBS provides an integrated information system for the management of Middle East Business with bi-lingual support (Arabic-English) and Multinational Business with Multi lingual support (Indian and German Languages).


SMEBS superior in ERP software through low pricing and having full range of business functions is a simple integrated and affordable Business solution.Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency.We are distinguished by our functional and technical expertise combined with our hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service.


 We are involved in every stage upon client selection of ERP software from implementation to completion offering continual functional and technical support.Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of implementation and operation, including business requirements definition, development of functional specifications for client approval, system design, and overseeing development teams customizing software to fit specific client needs.Typically, we are on-site at the Client’s locations handling client contact, providing functional and technical training and support, and resolving any and all troubleshooting issues that arise when the client initiates software usage in a live setting.


With the opening up of the global economy, there has been a phenomenal growth of the mid market companies. These have in the industrial segments like Services, Utilities, Software, Trading, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals and Projects etc. Associated with this is rising competition and the need to continuously provide and increase value added services to attract an ever increasing customer base. Improving efficiency and speed of operations, cost optimization, improve manpower utilization, faster access to market trends, need for readily available business intelligence have compelled organizations to adopt processes and solutions that will help sustain their competitive advantage.

Relying on internal manual processes have been a serious handicap and more and more organizations have felt the need and are embarking on investing in automation and process enablers. It is also felt that speed of implementing such process enablers, and having tangible returns on investment, is the key to success in the medium term. In today’s dynamic business environment companies can no longer function without an effective IT system

Information Technology frameworks in the name of ERP have been the key solution to address these requirements and an ever increasing number of companies in the mid market have already invested in ERP or are in the process of doing so.

Business benefits aside, ERP gives an information system three important capabilities: consistency and reliability of data across the organization, streamlined transaction processing, and provides operations level reporting. These capabilities, basic and important as they are, ensure that companies are ready for specific solutions that enhance performance